Is It Too Late to Start a Successful Blog? (2017)


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I hear this all the time…

Is it too late to have a successful blog?

And to me, that just represents someone looking for an excuse.

It’s like Elon Musk asking, is it too late to start a car company because GM did it 100 years ago.  Or like Elon Musk asking is it too late to start a space company because Nasa did it 50 years ago.

Of course it’s not too late to start a blog and be successful.  As a matter of fact, I can argue that it’s easier than ever to have a successful blog.

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how to be successful onlineI highly recommend you watch the video above.  In this 20 minute video I break down exactly:

  • Why blogging as a legitimate profession is actually only now in the early days.  And how you still have time to position yourself ahead of the curve to succeed from this movement
  • What you need to do in order to be successful in 2017
  • Why it’s actually easier to get blog visitors today than it was 4 years ago
  • Why blogging is a skill that will be in demand at the Fortune 500 companies
  • How to make money without having anything to sell
  • The best ways to find relevant affiliate offers