Simple, Step-By-Step Guide To Dropshipping With Shopify

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Have you heard of Shopify?

Maybe you’re considering starting a dropshipping business.

After all, e-commerce is a very hot topic right now. E-commerce is buzzing because there is a huge opportunity right now.

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The Benefits of Starting a Dropshipping Business

The biggest benefit of starting a dropshipping business over the more traditional e-commerce model which requires you to search out wholesalers and carry inventory is the fact that the dropshipping model does not require any inventory.

Inventory requires money and risk.

Dropshipping provides flexibility and a relatively low start-up cost opportunity.

Other Benefits of Dropshipping

  • Flexibility.
  • Ability to manage your store from any location.
  • Low overhead.  Order products after you make sales.
  • Easy to scale.  Most of the increased workload falls on your supplier.
  • Huge selection of products.  You can literally sell almost everything.
  • Easy to start.

How Dropshipping Works

After you have launched your online store using one of the many hosted solutions (more on that later) you can then populate your store using products selected from your dropshipping supplier.

Once again, at this point, there is no need to invest money in your inventory.  Simply load images onto your eCommerce store, create captivating descriptions, and then start driving traffic.

After you make a sale and collect payment from your customer…

…then you go to your supplier and fulfill the items.

At the time of order fulfillment, you pay your supplier who picks, packs, and ships the item or items directly to your customer.  In some cases, the dropshipping suppliers will even put your logo on the invoice to give your brand a more professional appearance.

Hosted Platforms Bring eCommerce Possibilities to the Masses

In the not so distant past, opening an eCommerce store took a fair amount of time, a decent amount of money, coding abilities, and experience with design.

Today, hosted solutions like Shopify handle the hard part for you.

For just $29/month Shopify offers you everything you need to get you very own store up and running in as little as an hour.

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How To Launch Your Dropshipping Store

When you start your dropshipping store using a hosted solution like Shopify, getting your brand up and running only requires a few steps.

  • Sign up with Shopify
  • Choose a name and domain (i.e.
  • Upload your logo (Tip: use Shopify’s free logo maker)
  • Select a theme.  This is the design element of your store and Shopify offers many great (and free) done for you templates
  • Select products from your dropshipping supplier and load those to your store (this is the fun part)
  • Officially launch your store and start promoting it

Is It Really That Easy?

Like any business, there are risks and unique challenges.  However, eCommerce provides an amazing opportunity for the novice entrepreneur to dive in and experience the freedom of running an online business.

We’ve made it as easy for beginners as possible by creating a 100% Totally Free… 2-Hour Shopify & Dropshipping training video.

Don’t worry, there’s no pitch at the end, nothing’s for sale in this video.

And we even show you a pretty nifty little Facebook advertising strategy that allowed us to take a new store and be profitable almosts immediately with very little ad spend.