Yes! You Should Start a Blog in College (Here’s Why)


In my opinion you should definitely start your own blog.  As a matter of fact, I believe it is the #1 thing that every young person in college should do. And here’s why:


Starting a blog is fairly cheap. I don’t say free because I do not recommend blogging on a free platform. Most of the time you do not own your content that is published on a free platform. And even if you do, you don’t have a ton of control over it. Sure writing on free platforms (like Quora for instance) is a great way to foster growth and supplement your blog, but it is a supplement. And while we are talking about it…social media is not a business…it is a supplement to your blog as well. Get some cheap shared hosting from a reputable provider like BlueHost or Hostgator. Buy your own domain. And start a blog self hosted blog. This is a $5-$10 monthly investment that will totally pay off…especially if your blog becomes popular.


A blog has value that increases the same way interest compounds. If your blog is worth $100 in year 1. It might be work $1000 in year two. And then $10,000 in year three. And so on. It is hard to see for a lot of people because we are in the early stages of the internet revolution but you have to think of a blog as internet real estate. And the internet is a neighborhood with good schools, in a rapidly growing area, with a lot of cool things to do. You can bet it’s a real estate investment that is going to produce tremendous returns.


A blog is a built in audience. If you have a good blog with followers that trust you then you have a virtual distribution channel and media outlet at your disposal. It’s free advertising for anything you do in the future. With a good blog, literally everything else is much easier. Even if you “just get a job” after college, having a good blog will set you apart from the other candidates.

And since there’s a good chance you know what you life’s passion is yet, keep the blog somewhat (but not too) general.

Don’t stress about it. Just start it right away (actually starting is where most people fail…don’t be that guy/girl) and work on it when you have time. This is not a quick success type deal. It is a sound investment that will pay off over time. Treat it as such. Give it care. And it will reward you handsomely.

Other Benefits of Starting a Blog in College

  • It will help you build a network. (source)
  • Starting a Blog will help you retain the information you learned while in college.
  • Blogging helps you get access to influential people and important events.
  • Having a blog forces you to learn extremely valuable technical skills.
  • Blogging will help you become a better problem solver (trust me.)
  • These days you can put your blog on your resume.  And I guarantee a good blog url is more impressive than any high school achievement (unless you did something really amazing.)
  • You will learn marketing skills.

To Summarize

Start a blog now, don’t wait.

Work on it when you have time.

Try to be consistent.

Trust is key…take care of your reputation.

And if you need a little help please check out the following link (don’t worry…I’m not selling anything)

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Bonus Tip: Don’t start a blog to make money. Start a blog to get your message to the world and give others value and everything else will take care of itself.