What One Change Would Have the Greatest Impact?


Today’s question of the day…

What program, habit, or change could most people do (but don’t) that would have the greatest impact on their life?

I see the question a lot and the answer is super simple.

Do Something Every Day!

This is the most important thing anyone can (but doesn’t) do in order to be successful.

But before you say “I do something everyday”…

Let me clarify.

What I’m really talking about is consistency.

The reason most people are not successful is because of the follow through. They may take on a task, or set a goal, or make a plan for change only to go hard at it for two weeks, and then quit.

So choose whatever it is you want to be successful at…






Making Money Online


…Whatever you want to do.

And then do it everyday for a year.

You don’t have to do it every day all day. But every day you should commit at least 20 minutes to doing whatever it is you want to be successful at.

And don’t bounce around!

Choose something your passionate about and keep at it.

There’s a great quote by Casey Neistat. And if you don’t know who he is let me summarize. He’s probably one of the most successful YouTube daily vloggers with something like 5 or 6 million subscribers and is highly regarded as one of the best.

One of the major keys to success for him was something he heard from a fellow Vlogger Roman Atwood. And that key was…

“Just Keep Uploading.”

3 words that are simple to understand, yet so difficult to follow.

You can apply this principle to anything. If you want to run a marathon, just keep running. Every morning get up and run. Even if you start at 3 blocks, keep at it. Maybe next week you’ll be running a quarter mile. And so on. Even if it’s raining cats and dogs, get out there and run.

My Journey

For me it was all about blogging and making money online. That was my goal. Not because I wanted to be mega rich. But because I wanted to be financially secure while having the freedom to travel and spend time with my kids.

So I did it. Everyday when my daughter was napping (I worked in the restaurant industry at the time and am now a self employed full time blogger BTW) I would work at producing a steady stream of income online. I set up everything to be basically passive so when I finally did see some success financially, the freedom would still be there.

And it worked. It took a while and it wasn’t easy to keep on going. But I did and looking back, I’d do it again.

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