San Diego Waiter to Successful Online Entrepreneur: My Story

san diego zoo

That picture is from the San Diego Zoo…

It’s one of my favorite places in the world but not the focus of this story.

Let’s talk about becoming a successful entrepreneur….

I first got the idea in October of 2012.  I think it was the 9th to be specific but I can’t prove it so we will keep it general.

The idea…

What if I could find a way to make an extra $20 a day…on the internet…passively.

That would be amazing!  I’d love to have an extra $600 a month.

Now at this point I had a job.  Not necessarily a prestigious one.  I was a waiter at a fine dining seafood restaurant in San Diego.

But I made more than 60k a year so that wasn’t too bad.  The problem was I made most of my money between January-September.

This being my first year in San Diego, I had no idea that apparently, nobody visits San Diego in October, November, or December ( until Bowl Season starts right around Christmas.)

So there I was, October of 2012.  The sole provider for my family (did I forget to mention that my wife was a stay at home mom, and that we had our first child just 4 months prior) with an income that was literally reduced by 80% out of the blue.

It’s not that we were screwed.  Everyone had told me how bad it was going to get so I managed to save some cash.  But that doesn’t mean panic didn’t set in.

I Needed a Plan

At that moment I knew I needed protection.

A safety net.

There is a fair amount of pressure associated with being the sole breadwinner of a family.  Heck, there is a fair amount of pressure associated with being the sole breadwinner for yourself.

It’s that uneasy feeling that comes with not having control.

So I made it my mission.  To find a way to make just $20 a day passively online.  It wouldn’t make me financially independent by any means.  But it was an achievable goal that would make it so I never had to worry about paying my utilities and cell phone bill ever again.

Well it worked.

After 4 or 5 months of work (about an hour a day) I hit my goal.

I was making 20 bucks a day in passive income.

I Wanted More

What if I could make $100 a day.

$3,000 a month would be pretty cool.  Combine that with the income from my job and we’d be doing pretty well.

Well I hit it again.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there were some ups and downs.  And some fluctuations.  But the coolest thing was that I always had money owed to me.

With affiliate marketing (which is how I started) you are paid anywhere from 14 days to 2 months after you make a commission.

So essentially I flipped the script.

Instead of thinking…Oh no, in two weeks I’m going to owe X amount of dollars to so and so.

My thoughts changed to…We owe X amount of dollars to this company in two weeks, but it’s cool because I’m getting this much money next Tuesday.

Having a constant “accounts receivable” is an extremely liberating feeling.

So I kept working.

Not stressing out.  Putting in time when I had some, and not when I didn’t.

But always making sure to be consistent.

I Quit

And then in October of 2016, I officially quit my job.

I knew I was set.  Not set for life in the sense that I could be a jack a** and squander my money.

But I knew I was set in the sense that I had a decent amount of passive income…

And I had learned a set of skills that were going to be in ridiculously high demand.

People search me out.  I’d find myself turning down jobs.  All because I learned how to leverage the power of the internet correctly.

I’m Not a Computer Genius

Here’s a 100% true story.  One that I love to tell.

I didn’t even set up my Facebook page.  I didn’t know how.  I didn’t have a Facebook page until 2010 or so…and my wife set it up for me.

Now I’m not stupid.  I can type.  I can use the internet.

As a matter of fact, I hope I don’t get in trouble for this but when Napster came out, I had a pretty good library.

But my point is…

Computers were not my strong suit.

The World Is Changing

The driving factor was my belief that this was my only choice.

The world is changing rapidly.  Automation is crushing jobs faster than they can be created.

Amazon just announced that they are going to create 100,000 jobs.  What they didn’t mention is they are going to kill 300,000 (I’m not citing references because I’m not stating a fact, I am simply illustrating a point.  Exaggerating for effect…maybe)  And it’s not because Amazon is the devil.  I love Amazon.  They’re a great company and I literally use them 5 days a week or more.

But this is the future…

Nobody is going to give you a job because there are no jobs.  But the opportunity is ripe for the picking.

The internet has broken down all barriers to entry.  You can start a business for less than $100 these days.  With eCommerce, you can start a retail shop for a fraction of what it once cost.

The truth is, there will be winners and losers created over the next 10 years.  We are in the greatest revolution in the history of forever.

How will you take advantage?

My Sales Pitch

Yes, there is a sales pitch at the end.

But it’s a good one so you might want to read it.

This is your sign.  I’m one of the good guys.

After I quit my job I wanted to serve a greater purpose.  I saw the shift towards social entrepreneurship.

Want to be a millionaire?  Help a million people.

So first I started by creating courses.

But there was a problem.  Once a course is created, it’s stagnant.  And technology moves too fast.

What’s relevant today might just be obsolete in two months.

I went back to the drawing board.

That’s when I created Beginner’s Mastermind.

What if instead of creating course after course, we simply put every single bit of useful knowledge in one place?  And what if we surrounded that knowledge with a supportive community of aspiring entrepreneurs?  Would that shift the dynamic from ineffectual lecture style learning towards a highly productive discovery learning education process that allows individuals to gravitate towards their natural strengths?

….We think so.

Well that’s it.  No sales pitch.

If you want to join us, we’d love to have you.

Click here to register.


Brian Brewer

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