What Happened to Facebook Affinity Score?


Facebook’s Affinity score was a great tool for targeting.  When used correctly you could essentially pull the curtain back and get real insight into the type of people you wanted to target.

It was a powerful targeting tool that a lot of people were promoting especially in the commerce and Shopify arena.

Well the bad news is it does look like the Facebook Affinity Score is gone.

The good news is there is still plenty of data.

The short 5 minute video that follows will break down the new look.

Video: What Happened to Facebook Affinity Score?

***Unfortunately the video was causing more confusion than I had hoped for.  Please allow me to rethink my approach to explaining why the disappearance of Affinity score is not a big deal.   I apologize for the inconvenience however it is my #1 goal to get the best and most accurate and helpful information out there.